Friday Fun: What Extravagances Do You Covet?

I love to write, which is why I’m an author.  As I said in my last post, this business can be really hard. If I was doing it for the money rather than for love of writing . . . well, I wouldn’t be doing it.

But that doesn’t mean that I am above crass materialism. Not at all.  Something that has been brought home to me in no uncertain terms this past week as I contemplate an upcoming birthday with greedy relish.  As usual, the problem I have in deciding what I’d like to get for my big day is not a lack of ideas.  On the contrary I want so much, all of it so extravagant, that I have no sense of where to begin.

Like what? you ask.

You sure you want to go down that road?  All right; you want this alphabetically or by expense?  If the latter, I might begin with the Hasselblad digital medium format camera currently listed in the B&H Photo catalog for a cool $35,000.00.  But that level of fantasy escapes even me, a professional fantasy author.

My actual want list is more reasonable than that.  Somewhat.

I’ve been playing guitar for 35 years now, and in that time have owned exactly two guitars.  The first is the starter guitar I learned on, which I had for all of five years.  The second is the Martin I bought in 1982, a beautiful rosewood guitar that has aged magnificently over the past 30 years.  It looks prettier and sounds more resonant and brilliant now than ever.  And yet, there is a part of me that wants a new guitar.

Why?  I’m sorry, are you looking for rationality?  Really?  All right.  Because as much as I love my Martin, I would like to play something sometimes that sounds and looks and feels different.  Now I have yet to decide if “different” means “electric” — a Paul Reed Smith Les Paul-style solid body electric might be just the thing — or if “different” means an acoustic with different body-type and wood, like maybe a Taylor Grand Auditorium made of Maple or Ovangkol.  Why yes, I have spent too much time thinking about this — why do you ask?

What else?  Well, as a dedicated amateur photographer and major camera gear-head, I am always looking for my next new lens.  And I mean always.  There is a 100mm macro lens that I have coveted for years, as well as an 85mm prime lens.  But why stop at lenses?  I’ve also been drooling over a Canon 5D mark II camera body for longer than I care to admit.  The price tags on these things?  I’d really rather not say.

But wait, there’s more.  I want an iPhone.  I have no use for one — I work at home, travel just barely enough to justify the Colonial Era cell phone that I own, and live in a rural town where coverage is spotty at best.  But they’re shiny and cool and fun, and I want one.

And I think I’ll stop there, lest I embarrass myself.  But now that I’ve come clean, you need to do the same.  What material goodies do you covet?  Do you like gadgets and toys, or are you a clothing and shoes person?  C’mon, spill!

And happy Friday.

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5 Responses to Friday Fun: What Extravagances Do You Covet?

  1. A big one for me is vacations. I don’t mean the pack a bag, fill up the tank, and drive a State over to visit relatives (which sometimes seems more like a prison sentence), but a real vacation to someplace awesome or exotic, a plane trip to a place you’d really lament forgetting a camera at home for. A cruise or charter boat to places off the beaten path. Even places in the US I’ve never been to, maybe driving from winery to winery sampling their wares. We don’t get to take vacations. The biggest thing we’ve done in years was the trip to ConCarolinas, and this year will be a bust. We barely have enough money coming in to pay bills and buy food. As much as I’d love the lightning bolt of fame and fortune for my writing, I’d just be happy with enough to actually live instead of exist. Enough to go buy that Kindle Fire just because, or a second laptop, or even enjoy a fancy restaurant once in a while. The ability to go, gee, lets go take a trip with your vacation time this year. Even the ability to make impulse purchases like books and specialties just because we happened to be in the neighborhood and we just got a royalty check. Heck, the ability to immediately fix or replace something that breaks down. The ability to pay off debts and actually buy a house instead of renting a drafty, freezing cold relic from 1901. They say that if you’re writing for the money then you’re in the wrong business, but even a 5k advance, even a modest living at it, would be better than what we have now.

    Sorry, my contribution sort of became a rant there, I guess. 😉

    • dbjackson says:

      Vacations are good, Daniel. Very good. I would love to go to Scotland and Ireland, to Spain and Portugal, to Greece, to Turkey. And there are still several parts of the US that I have yet to explore to my satisfaction. And I understand the need to rant now and then. Hope that advance comes your way very soon, my friend.

  2. Oh, the wanting stuff is so juicy and delicious, no? I’m such a gadget girl, and the only one I seem to lack in my household full of laptops, Kindles, Nooks, Nintendo everything, and etc. is an iPhone. I neeeeeds it. But my Blackberry Torch would miss me.

    And then there’s Tahiti and Belize. Not trips. I want them all to myself. Such a little dictator, am I!

    Happy weekend :).

    • dbjackson says:

      Now this is the kind of crass materialism I’m talking about! A woman after my own heart. Tahiti AND Belize? Very nice. Although I think you should look at Greece; I bet you can get it these days for next to nothing….

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