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Writing a Bit of Mythology

Expanding just a bit on my previous post… Today, still working on another project, I wrote my own short myth, something that would help to clarify my own thinking about the magic system I’m developing.  And I found myself adopting … Continue reading

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Mythology and History

Expanding here on a short post to the D.B. Jackson Facebook page… I spent much of this week reading mythology for another project, and I found myself thinking about the degree to which American history can be considered a mythology.  … Continue reading

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Past, Present, and Future

Tonight my wife and I are going to see a university production of the Greek tragedy Hecuba, by Euripides.  For the past couple of days I’ve been reading legends from the Mythology and Ulster Cycles of Celtic history.  There is … Continue reading

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Fun times!  Today I received my author’s copy of After Hours:  Tales from the Ur-Bar, the anthology edited by Joshua Palmatier and Patricia Bray that includes my short story, “The Tavern Fire.” This is my first publication as D.B. Jackson, … Continue reading

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A Bit About Boston in the 1760s

Had a comment on another site from a friend — he was wondering about the size of Boston in the 1760s, where “The Tavern Fire” and the Thieftaker books are set.  Boston was, by that time, the third largest city … Continue reading

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Going Live!

Well, the site is as close to ready as it’s going to be without an actual book out yet.  And my Facebook account, Twitter account, etc. are open and ready for business.  So I guess it’s time for me to … Continue reading

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