Writing a Bit of Mythology

Expanding just a bit on my previous post…

Today, still working on another project, I wrote my own short myth, something that would help to clarify my own thinking about the magic system I’m developing.  And I found myself adopting the stylistic nuances of mythologies that I read last week.  The language is more formalistic — it almost reads like High Fantasy of the sort you might read in The Silmarillion (although not as good, clearly).  It was fun writing that way, and I think it helped me compose the myth; it put me in the mood, if you will.

I bring this up because I have written histories for previous projects, and didn’t feel the need to do the same thing with my prose.  I was perfectly content to let it to read as a rather dry recitation of facts, dates, events, etc.  But the myth, I felt, needed something more.

And anticipating questions:  No, I’m not ready to share the myth I wrote today.  It’s very rough…

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