Blog Tour Resumes With a Post About Writing and Critiquing

After a brief hiatus while I enjoyed some family time at the beach, I am back with another installment in the Summer 2013 Thieves’ Quarry Blog Tour.  Today’s post comes on the eve of my departure for Calgary, Alberta, where I will be leading a writer’s workshop and appearing as Guest of Honor at WhenWordsCollide.  I’m very excited for my return to Calgary, and to mark the occasion I have written a piece about my preparations for the writer’s workshop, with an emphasis on patterns I have seen as I have read manuscripts.  The post can be found at, the group blog on the business and craft of writing fantasy that I maintain, under the name David B. Coe, with fellow authors Faith Hunter, Misty Massey, Mindy Klasky, John Hartness, and James Tuck, among others. Today’s entry is called “Lessons Learned While Preparing for a Writer’s Workshop.” I hope you enjoy it.

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