THIEVES’ QUARRY Launch Week Begins With Three New Stops on the Blog Tour!

Thieves’ Quarry comes out tomorrow, as does the paperback edition of Thieftaker!! And I am very excited, to say the least.

So, today begins a busy week on the Summer 2013 Thieves’ Quarry Blog Tour. I have three different posts up on three different sites.

The first is an interview I did with the wonderful and talented Alethea Kontis at her website. Alethea is beginning her “Month of Authors and Artists,” and she kicked off the month-long event — which promises to be terrific start to finish — with yours truly. You can find the Q&A here.

The second is a post on politics, ideology, and the writer at the excellent blog of Aidan Moher, “A Dribble of Ink.” Here is the link the site; the post should be up shortly.

And finally, I have my usual Monday post up, the group blog on the business and craft of writing fantasy that I maintain, under the name David B. Coe, with fellow authors Faith Hunter, Misty Massey, Mindy Klasky, John Hartness, Kalayna Price, and James Tuck, among others. The post is fun and light-hearted — it’s about assigning theme songs to some of our favorite characters. So stop by and join in.

I hope you enjoy all three posts.

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