Sharing Some Good News

I don’t like to boast.  Really, I don’t.  And because of that, I feel a little funny about this post I’m about to write.  But in the past few days some people at online book reviewing sites have been saying nice things about Thieftaker, and, well, I thought it couldn’t hurt to draw your attention to them.

Early this week, the WordNerds blog announced the first of their Best of 2012 Awards.  They began with “Best First Book in a Series,” and chose Thieftaker as one of the two winners in the category!  I was pretty excited.

And then today, posted their listing of the best SF/Fantasy Novels of 2012, and Thieftaker made the list!

These are not big awards.  I know that.  But it is always nice to be recognized by knowledgeable, well-read people.  I am deeply thankful to both sites for the kind words.  And I am also grateful to all of you for indulging this moment of braggadocio.

I’m done now.

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