A Free Thieftaker Story Now Available in Two Formats!!

I have just posted a new Thieftaker story to the D.B. Jackson website.  This is an original, never-before-published short story.  It’s called “The Witch of Dedham,” and it is available from this web page in two ways.  You can download it in .pdf format and read it the old fashioned way.  I’d recommend that for those of you with slow internet connections.  Or you can also download an MP3 file of me doing a reading of the story!  The MP3 file is about 15 megabytes, so you’ll want to have a fast connection, but if you enjoy audio books and author readings, this is kind of a brief combination of the two.  In either case I hope you enjoy the story.  And please spread the word.  After all:  it’s free!

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