THIEFTAKER: 10 Weeks and Counting!

THIEFTAKER, by D.B. Jackson, book I of the Thieftaker Chronicles (Jacket Art by Chris McGrath)

The official release date for THIEFTAKER, book I of the Thieftaker Chronicles, is exactly ten weeks from today.  That may seem a long way off to you, but given that I’ve been counting down for well over a year, it feels to me like it’s getting very close.  So, at ten weeks out, how am I preparing?

Well, I have two short stories that are set in the Thieftaker universe to tell you about.  One of them, “A Memory of Freedom,” is already out and can be found at Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show.  The second story, “A Spell of Vengeance,” is not yet out, but will soon be appearing at Tor.Com.  Look for it in June.

I am also starting to piece together a virtual tour AND an actual signing tour for the weeks just around Thieftaker‘s July 3rd release.  The virtual tour will consist of guest blogging appearances and interviews online.  The actual tour will include book signings in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.  Dates and locations for both tours will be posted on the D.B. Jackson web site as the release date draws nearer.

Finally, I am having promotional materials made up for the big event.  I already have post cards made and available, and if you are interested in receiving one by mail, use the email link at the D.B. Jackson site to send me your snail mail address.  I will sign the card and send it out to you.  All I ask in return is that you tell people about the book!  In addition to the post cards, I am also having T-Shirts made.  I’ll post more information on these when I have a better idea of when they will be available.  But they are going to be gray heather; they will have the (newly created) insignia of Boston’s Thieftaker Guild (established 1765) printed on the front, and the book title and D.B. Jackson URL printed on the back.

So there we are.  Ten weeks out.  Lots happening.  And I’m so excited I can barely sleep at night.

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