Preparations For THIEFTAKER Release, #1

Last day of March.  On Tuesday of this coming week, April 3, we will be exactly 13 weeks away from the July 3 release of THIEFTAKER.  I’m sure that sounds far away to you, but I have been waiting for this for a long, long time, and to me it’s getting tantalizingly close.  I’m starting to plan a signing tour through the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.  I’m working up plans for a blog tour.  I’m sending out review copies and getting the book on the radar of friends, colleagues, booksellers, and critics.  I’m having postcards made — I should have them in time for Marcon next weekend.  I’m also working on having Thieftaker t-shirts made.  I hope to be selling them (and giving away a few) later this spring.

In short, that July 3 release date (perfect, by the way, for a story that takes place on the eve of the American Revolution) is the professional focus of my entire year.  I have an Ethan Kaille short story coming out in Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show in another week or two.  I have a second Thieftaker story scheduled to appear on the TOR.COM website in the weeks leading up to the book release.  I have yet another Thieftaker story under consideration — hopefully it will be published later this year.  And I plan to release at least one or two others on the D.B. Jackson website in the next couple of months.

So while that release date seems a long way off, things are starting to happen around here.  I hope that you’ll check the website and this blog regularly.  And I hope you’ll pay special attention to the author appearances page on the website.  It’s going to be a fun spring and summer.

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