A Winter Day’s Dilemma

It’s cold out.  Not eye-watering-tears-freezing-on-your-face cold, but cold.  Raw, is probably the better word.  It’s foggy and windy, and it was snowing earlier.  Nasty, nasty day.  And I’m sitting here on the couch, typing on my laptop, a fire in the fireplace, my wife sitting beside me doing a bit of work.  I’m pretty certain that their is a bottle of red wine in our immediate future.  So what’s the problem? you might ask.

Well, the problem is — and I admit that this is going to sound pretty silly — but the problem is that all the bird feeders in our back yard are empty.  Yeah, I know:  It’s just bird feeders.  But did I mention that it’s cold?  There are birds coming to the feeders — Cardinals, Chickadees, Downy Woodpeckers — and they’re giving me these pathetic “I’m-hungry-and-cold” bird looks.  It’s like puppy-dog eyes without the drooling.

It wouldn’t really take me that long to fill the feeders.

I’m comfortable, and it looks really ugly out there.

The birds need to eat.  Even more so when it’s cold.

I get enough guilt from my kids; I don’t need avian guilt, too.

They depend on you.  You can’t feed them and then just stop when filling the feeders is inconvenient.

Yeah, I’ve got no answer for that.

All right.  Putting on my coat….

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