Help Find a Title for the Second Thieftaker Book!

Over the past two weeks or so I have been revising the manuscript of the second Thieftaker book.  I turned it in some time ago, but delays in the publication of the first book (finally and firmly scheduled for a July 2012 release) have kept me focused on that volume for much of the time since.  I have also been writing short stories in the Thieftaker “universe” which should be available in one form or another before long.

But I had some plotting issues I wanted to address, and after revising the first book I knew that there were changes I wanted to make to the second so as to keep the tone and style of the series consistent.  The revisions to book II are done now, and I can say without hesitation that the manuscript is far better for the work I’ve done on it this time around.

Briefly, the book takes place during the beginning of the British occupation of Boston in late September/early October, 1768.  In the book, one of the British ships waiting in Boston Harbor for the occupation to begin, the HMS Graystone, is inexplicably stricken by some dark force.  Every man on board is killed.  Ethan Kaille, my thieftaking hero, is asked by representatives of the Crown to investigate the deaths.  He soon finds himself caught in a web of deception, betrayal, politics, and deadly conjuring.

I won’t tell you more than that, which makes what I’m about to say a bit difficult.  Basically, I need your help coming up with a title for the book.  Wanna help?

Here are some of the titles I’m considering:

  • Akin To Death
  • The Graystone
  • The Silent Ship
  • The Dead Ship
  • The Still Ship
  • No Safe Harbor
  • Deadly Conjurings

Or perhaps you have a suggestion of your own.  Let me know what you think.  And thanks!

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