Back From StellarCon

I am back home after my weekend at StellarCon, which was terrific.  Cons tend to remind me of what I love about being a writer, and to leave me energized.  This one was no different.  I’ve been pretty excited about my work anyway, and the convention just reinforced that.

I had a great time reconnecting with friends, and also got to meet some new people.  I did a reading of “The Tavern Fire,” which was well-received despite the fact that the story is longer than I thought and longer than the half-hour I was allotted for my reading.  I got some good feedback on the story, and also on the first Thieftaker book from two of my Beta Readers, who were at the con as well.

As I say, a great convention, a fun weekend.  Feeling very fortunate to do this for a living.

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