Times Children, by D.B. Jackson (Jacket art by Jan Wessbecher)Fifteen-year-old Tobias Doljan, a Windhome-trained Walker capable of traveling through time, is called to Daerjen to serve in the sovereign’s court. It is the posting of his dreams, a chance to serve in one of the great courts of Islevale. Upon arriving in the royal city, though, he learns that the sovereign, seeking to prevent a devastating war, wishes to send him back fourteen years.

The journey will age Tobias, costing him years off his life. Still he makes this sacrifice to keep Daerjen’s enemies from conquering all of Islevale. The night he Walks back, however, the sovereign is assassinated, his court destroyed. The only survivors: Tobias, now to outward appearances a grown man, and the sovereign’s infant daughter, Sofya.

Pursued by assassins, hunted by an army, trapped in a misfuture he has helped create, Tobias must see the sovereign princess to safety. Joined by Mara, a friend and love who follows him back in time, and aided by time demons, seers, and unlikely allies, Tobias seeks a new future for himself, Sofya, and all of Islevale. But the sovereign’s killer now has Tobias and Sofya in his sights, and both of them are running out of time.

TIME’S CHILDREN is the first volume of The Islevale Cycle, the new time travel/epic fantasy series from award-winning author D.B. Jackson. This first volume will be released by Angry Robot Books on October 2, 2018.

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