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Welcome to the new and improved webpage of fantasy author D.B. Jackson, creator of the critically acclaimed Thieftaker Chronicles and the brand new Islevale Cycle. Here you can learn more about D.B.’s books and stories; find a schedule of his upcoming appearances, both virtual and in-person; read a sample chapter or three; get the latest news on D.B.’s professional exploits; and much more. Enjoy your visit, and please tell your friends about the site.

Latest News:

Time's Children, by D.B. Jackson (Jacket art by Jan Wessbecher)Time's Demon, by D.B. Jackson (Jacket art by Jan Wessbecher)Time’s Children, the newest novel from award-winning author D.B. Jackson, has just been released by Angry Robot Books. This is the first volume in D.B.’s new time travel/epic fantasy series, The Islevale Cycle. The second book in the series, Time’s Demon, will be published in May 2019. You can read more about these books here. Time’s Children is now  available from all booksellers in ebook and trade paperback. It will soon be available as an audio book.

David is proud to announce the  release of Tales of the Tales of the Thieftaker, by D.B. Jackson (Jacket art by D.B. Jackson)Thieftaker, a short fiction collection featuring eleven stories set in the world of the Thieftaker Chronicles. Writing as D.B. Jackson, David returns to the adventures of Ethan Kaille, the hero of his critically acclaimed Thieftaker series (Thieftaker, Thieves’ Quarry, A Plunder of Souls, Dead Man’s Reach). The collection includes several short stories, some flash fiction, and the long-awaited, full-length novella, “The Ruby Blade,” which tells the story of Ethan’s involvement in the mutiny that changed the course of his life.

The collection, published by Lore Seekers Press, is currently available in ebook and trade paperback form. Order it now!


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The trade paper edition of A Plunder of Souls is out and available for purchase. Order your copy now!!

Dead Man's Reach, by D. B. Jackson (Jacket art by Chris McGrath)A Plunder of Souls, by D. B. Jackson (Jacket art by Chris McGrath)Dead Man’s Reach, the fourth and (for now) final volume in the Thieftaker Chronicles, released in the summer of 2015 by Tor Books, was named one of the best books of 2015 by SciFiChick.com! Kirkus Reviews calls it “A thoroughly engrossing and involving entry that no series fan will want to miss.” And Publisher’s Weekly says, “Jackson deftly mixes in the chaos of the Boston Massacre and the sobering realities of colonial street life, presenting a hero who is driven yet reflective on his responsibilities.” Like the first three books, in the series, Dead Man’s Reach sports wonderful art work from Chris McGrath. It is available in hard cover and all e-book formats, and can also be purchased from Audible.com as an audio book.

"Water Witch," by Faith Hunter and D.B. Jackson“Water Witch,” a short fiction collaboration between D.B. Jackson and Faith Hunter, author of the New York Times bestselling Jane Yellowrock series, is now available for download from ebook vendors. The story introduces readers to Hannah Everhart, an ancestor of Jane Yellowrock’s closest friend, Molly Everhart Trueblood. Hannah is a witch who lives in pre-Revolutionary Boston, and whose pursuit of a dangerous fae sea captain forces her into an uneasy alliance with Ethan Kaille. This was a labor of love between friends who have wanted to work together for a long time. Check it out!

A Plunder of Souls, the third volume in the Thieftaker Chronicles was named one of 2014’s best books by SciFi Chick.com. It is available in hardcover, trade paperback, ebook, and audio formats. Publisher’s Weekly has called it an “engaging third entry in Jackson’s Thieftaker series [that] ably mashes up the historical with the fantastic.” And it calls Jackson “an increasingly reliable tour guide to America’s colonial past.” (You can find more reviews here.)

Spell Blind, by David B. Coe (Jacket Art by Alan Pollock)His Father's Eyes, by David B. Coe (Jacket Art by Alan Pollock)SHADOW'S BLADE, by David B. Coe (jacket art by Alan Pollock)Writing as David B. Coe, D.B. also has a contemporary urban fantasy out from Baen Books. Spell Blind and His Father’s Eyes are the first two volumes in The Case Files of Justis Fearsson; the third volume, Shadow’s Blade, has just been released. David is also the author of a dozen other novels (eleven epic fantasies spanning three series, and a media tie-in), a founder of the Magical Words blogsite, and co-author of How To Write Magical Words: A Writer’s Companion. You can read more about the works of David B. Coe at his website.

Thieves' Quarry, by D.B. Jackson (Jacket Art by Chris McGrath)Thieftaker, by D.B. Jackson (Jacket Art by Chris McGrath)Thieves’ Quarry, book II of the Thieftaker Chronicles (Tor Books), is out in paperback, as well as hardcover, ebook, and audio book. It was named one of 2013’s best fantasy/science fiction books by SciFi Chick.com and Fantastical Imaginations. And, of course, Thieftaker, book I in the Thieftaker Chronicles, the book that started it all, is available in paperback, hardcover, e-book, and audio book.


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