Time's Demon, by D.B. Jackson (Jacket art by Jan Wessbecher)Tobias, Mara, and Sofya have taken refuge aboard a ship of fortune, and are sailing the seas of Islevale, their identities a closely guarded secret. Slavers menace these waters, Belvora demons patrol the skies, and Quinnel Orzili and his trained assassins pursue them still. Danger, it seems, lurks in every port.

At the same time, Droë, a Tirribin or Time Demon, seeks Tobias for reasons of her own. More, she wishes to alter her very nature, to learn what it is to love, to feel passion, to shed her form as a girl and grow into something Islevale has never seen before. Unable to effect this transformation herself, she turns to Qiyed, a powerful Arrokad demon, who wields powerful magic in pursuit of his own ambitions

Now Tobias and Mara’s desperate flight forces them to make a perilous choice, one that may offer Orzili the opportunity to finish them, and Droë the chance to realize her desires and throw off Qiyed’s dark influence. As these disparate lives converge, driven by fate and time and forces beyond nature, Islevale’s future is poised on a blade’s edge.

TIME’S DEMON is the second volume of The Islevale Cycle, the new time travel/epic fantasy series from award-winning author D.B. Jackson. This second book in the series will be released by Angry Robot Books in May 2019.

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