April 20-22 (Friday-Sunday): Guest at JordanCon, Atlanta, Georgia

June 1-3 (Friday-Sunday): Guest at  ConCarolinas, Charlotte, North Carolina

June 29-July 1 (Friday-Sunday): **Special Guest of Honor** at LibertyCon, Chattanooga, Tennessee

July 14-20 (Saturday-Friday): Afternoon Fiction Seminar Instructor at Antioch Writers’ Workshop, Dayton, Ohio

CANCELLED **** August 16-20 (Thursday-Monday): Member of WorldCon 76, the World Science Fiction Convention, San Jose, California ****

August 30-September 3 (Thursday-Monday): Guest at DragonCon, Atlanta, Georgia

November 1-4 (Thursday-Sunday)  Member of World Fantasy Convention, Baltimore, Maryland

***More appearances will be added as the year progresses***