"The Tavern Fire"

AFTER HOURS:  TALES FROM THE UR-BAR, edited by Joshua Palmatier and Patricia BrayOn March 20, 1760, before dawn had broken, while most of the citizenry of Boston remained abed, a fire swept through the Cornhill section of the city, destroying houses and shops. Beginning at the Brazen Head tavern, owned by Mary Jackson, the flames raced south and east, across Dock Square, to the wharves and warehouses of the harbor waterfront. Over three hundred homes and businesses were destroyed. The damage was said to exceed 100,000 pounds sterling; some put the figure as high as 300,000 pounds.

And yet, while many suffered, miraculously, not a single life was lost.

To this day, the cause of the fire remains a mystery.

Or does it? In "The Tavern Fire," D.B. Jackson offers one possible explanation for this catastrophe. Was magic at the root of it? Were passion and betrayal, rivalry and vengeance? "The Tavern Fire" appears in After Hours: Tales of the Ur-Bar, edited by Joshua Palmatier and Patricia Bray, and published by DAW (March 2011). And now the story can be read on this site! Visit the "Free Samples" page to find out more!

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From the Author
D.B. Jackson"'The Tavern Fire' is set in the same place and time as the Thieftaker books, but my lead character, Ethan Kaille, doesn't appear in the story. That was part of the fun, really; letting other characters shine for a while. I also enjoyed the challenge of building a story around both the anthology theme and an actual historical event. Working with Joshua and Patricia was great. They did a terrific job with After Hours."