Sneak Peak at the THIEFTAKER T-Shirt!

Here it is, all!  The official THIEFTAKER t-shirt!  (Pay no attention to the red line down that middle.  That’s a graphic tool used to center the image on the shirt — the actual t-shirts won’t have it.)  In case the image isn’t clear enough on your browser, the front reads:  “Boston Thieftakers Guild” and then at the bottom “Est. 1765,” which happens to be the year in which the first Thieftaker book takes place.  On the back it says “THIEFTAKER, by D.B. Jackson”

The design was done by a friend of mine.  I wanted something that would look just like one of the old-time guild insignias — authentic, hand-drawn, but also official enough to be convincing — and he really came through for me.

I don’t know yet what I will be selling them for — that will depend on what my final cost per shirt comes out to.  I would think that for regular sizes the absolute maximum price will be $15 (2x and 3x sizes will be $2.00 more than the base price); I am hoping that I can go lower than that.  My goal is to get people wearing them.

So, do you like the design?  Who wants one?

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7 Responses to Sneak Peak at the THIEFTAKER T-Shirt!

  1. Jana Oliver says:

    ::Raises hand:: Oh, yeah, definitely.

  2. dbjackson says:

    Thanks, Jana. I appreciate it.

  3. Melissa says:

    Me! Me! I think this is Wicked Cool.

    As a related aside, I wear Jeremy’s “Welcome to the Void” tee shirt to the office at least once a month on casual Fridays and always get someone asking about it so I tell them about his books.

    That said, I’ll add this shirt into the rotation but I’d love to have your 30 second elevator pitch for the book/series.

  4. dbjackson says:

    Thanks, Melissa. I’ll definitely have them with me at ConCarolinas. My 30 second (or less) pitch for the book is usual “Samuel Adams meets Harry Dresden.” But if people aren’t familiar with Harry Dresden, I would say “It’s a private eye story, with a magical element, set in Revolutionary Era Boston.” (If people aren’t familiar with Samuel Adams, we have bigger issues than my book….)

  5. Misty Massey says:

    *raises hand* And you have to sign it.

    Before I put it on, of course. I’m not THAT sort of groupie!

  6. L.S. Taylor says:

    Oooh. I want one! Are you going to offer a ladies’ shirt?

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